Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Am Only a Little Stressed!

Back up to Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. I had to work (thank the stars!) which left Husband, Younger and The Boss at home. When I left both girls were up, awake and raring to go. Husband, not so much.
He had a pretty full day planned with the 2 of them, starting with going to the post office, then to the bank and Home Depot.
So I’m working away at work when my Nextel goes off. Seems Younger left her wallet in my car and needs it. Mind you, I told her the day before when I spotted it on the seat to ‘Put it in you purse’ only to find it STILL on the seat in the morning. I had tucked it into my coat pocket intending on leaving it in the house as The Boss had also left stuff in my car. But out of site means out of mind.
Anyway, I met up with them in the parking lot, handed over the aforementioned wallet and was greeting with tears on The Boss’s face. Why? Because Aunty wouldn’t sit in the back and she was stuck in the middle of the front seat. Oh and they had locked Husband out of the house. In his shorts. And laughed at him through the window.
I didn’t get home till almost 7pm after getting a snippy response about missing dinner and the battery being so low on my Nextel I could only give a short response. And I was heading home in Black Friday/Commuter traffic on major commuter routes as well.
I’ve already written about the start to my Saturday morning. Wait, it gets better! The pump did a great job and with the bulkhead door open the floor was dry in a reasonable time frame. So I started working on Mt. Washmore. I had did my usual of 1 load in the dryer with 1 load being washed, set the timer (so I wouldn’t forget about either) and set off casting on for a few projects while catching up on podcasts.
Timer went off so down to the basement I went to swap loads. The Boss came with and I asked her to empty the dryer while I pulled the load out of the washer. ‘Mema, they’re still wet’. Huh? No, they must be damp. NO, wet as when they went in.
Called Sears and the service tech will be here “Between 8 am and noon on Wednesday”. Great. Another day of leaving work early under the impression that the guy is waiting for me at the house only to get here and wait 3 hours more.
And Husband was on the final leg of completion of my new ‘workroom’ which needed to be cleared out so the carpet could be put down. And The Boss needed her hair washed before her mother showed up. And Younger and The Boss were nit picking each other about helping Husband.
Sunday, I awoke early to get to the laundry mat so I wouldn’t waste half my day waiting for a dryer and managed to get 3 loads done so none of us would be a: naked and/or b: wearing the same underwear for 3 days.
Younger went to take a shower later in the morning and came down to inform ME that she had taken a cold shower. Huh?! Of course, as I thought about it, the last time I had used any hot water was when I washed The Boss’s hair. So I informed Husband about said situation and went to take a nap. He woke me up a couple of hours later to let me know he was on his way to Home Depot to buy and new one, his plumber buddy was coming Monday to install it and should he get the same size or a bigger one?
Monday, again working away at work, Husband calls to let me know that plumber buddy is working close by and might be at the house way early then expected. The new water heater was still in his truck at work, he was on the Cape and I might need to get his truck back to the house and let the guy in. He’ll let me know. No phone call at all until I got home at 3:45 at which point I called him. Well, plans changed. Plumber buddy got called to another job and shouldn’t be here till after 5. Oh, and did I make it to the bank?
Husband gets home and I help pull the box out of the truck, go downstairs to help clear out around the old one and YUCK!
My first computer had been packed up for the move here 12 years ago. It was put on the floor and had stuff stacked up on it over time to the point I couldn’t remember where it was. Needless to say, I found it yesterday, wrapped in an old bathrobe (cushioning for the move). Now I’ve got another project on my To Do List – get that out of the basement and to someplace else without Husband knowing about it. Because you know what he wanted to do? Fire it up! Because it might still work!
I went up stairs to spin while waiting for plumber buddy to install the new water heater. Both came up in less than 15 minutes. Boy this guy is good! Nope, it seems that the level of water was such that the pilot light went out. Ok, so we are not out a good chunk of change but for crying out loud! Husband couldn’t have checked?!
So to recap, dryer went south and was repaired a little over a week ago, sump pump was unplugged causing the basement to flood putting out the pilot light on the hot water heater. Dryer went down again, causing me to haul wet clothes to laundry mat. I’ve discovered 3 old computers in my basement. I didn’t get a new, larger hot water heater. I still have to wait for repair guy to fix my dryer, car in acting up (forgot to mention that one). Christmas is coming and we just received our quarterly taxes ($$), water and sewer bill ($$), Homeowners insurance ($$$) and Flood insurance ($$$$) which are all basically due by January first.
Anyone want to adopt middle aged women? I am housebroken and come with a S.A.B.L.E.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


I am so pissed off right now if I tried to speak I’d be spitting. Over a week ago I had a repair person in to fix my dryer. He had a computer and other electric/electronic equipment with him to help diagnose what the problem was.
Anyway, it turned out to be the heating element (electric dryer) and it was replaced. I was glad to pay the $$$ to be able to dry my laundry at home and not have to make time each night to drive to a local laundry mat and spend more $$$ to dry each load.
Having to work yesterday with Husband and Younger home with The Boss needless to say, I’ve got Stuff to accomplish today and tomorrow. First and foremost is laundry. I mean it’s not bad but if I don’t keep on top of it, it’ll become Mt. Washmore in a hurry.
So, after a few errands which included buy a carpet for my new work space, I get home and grab the basket with the dirty clothes in it, head down the basement stairs and
What the *&^%$####!!!!!!!!
I have measurable water on the floor! Everywhere! A couple of my buckets I use to sort were over the other side of the basement. I drop the basket and call Husband (who was just pulling up to the house from his errands) and we grab flashlights to check out the damage.
(Here’s the story about that thing. It’s still the one that was installed when we bought the house 12 years ago and I’m always afraid that it will die when it is the most inconvenient! And because it hasn’t die yet, Husband won’t replace it with the pump I insisted he buy 2 years ago.)
With all the rain we got I was suprised I didn’t hear the pump going but I figured the ground was dry and we didn’t get our usual ground water upheaval. WRONG!
Here’s where I get pissed off. We opened the basement door and shed some light on the pump. I wig out . The *&^^%%$#@#$%^&&*!!!!!!!!!!! repair guy UNPLUGGED the pump! And never plugged it back in. I’ve got insurance that will cover any damage but that’s not the point.
This guy should have REMEMBERED that he unplugged something and made an effort to remember to plug it back in.
And Husband wonders why I get stressed out over “things”.

Monday, November 13, 2006

It's Not My Fault!

Dear limenViolet
The following is all your fault!
I was catching up on your podcast. I love you guy’s. Listening to you reminds me of being at knitting group at Mind’s Eye. A group I try not to miss too often. Talk to Husband about how ‘fun’ the extra week is between visits.
As I was listening and knitting and laughing and snorting WACK! Violet mentioned Mountain Color’s Bearfoot and her reaction to it!
Hello! Welcome to my obsession. This is not my #1 yarn but it is in my top 3 below Lucy’s hand-dyed.
I was headed out to a LYS to drop off the Chuppa I blocked Saturday (that’s a whole nuther story and what is sitting on the floor? Their shipment of BEARFOOT! I was not planning on buying yarn. I don’t need anymore yarn, especially sock yarn. I will be knitting with sock yarn after I’m dead if this keeps up.
Not only do I buy 3 skeins of Bearfoot, I also walked out with a skein of Cherry Tree Hill in greens/yellows that can only be described as “Can’t say they didn’t see you coming” bright.
I actually went SQEEE when I saw it. I couldn’t help it.
After listening to 3 plus hours of Yarn Porn and Bearfoot and having missed group last week (for a good reason) I was helpless.
Please do not mention any more sock yarn in your podcast.
The Fibergoddess

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy 17th!

Saturday was our 17th wedding anniversary. This year I was determined to get to Vermont. In the past, when Husband would ask where I wanted to go I would always say Vermont. We’ve been to Bermuda, New Hampshire, Cape Cod and Lake Placid. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed myself at all those places BUT it wasn’t Vermont!
I had done a lot of research and planning for this weekend that went totally out the window last week. Husband’s back has been acting up and everything was day by day. Not to mention the fact that both vehicles needed some maintenance and I was afraid of getting stuck far, far away from home. So, we decided to do day trips instead.
Oldest was to come down Friday to cover Youngest and we took off to The Berkshires to scope out a place that I found on the internet. I was very restrained and only got essentials. 2 sets of circulars and 2 skeins of solid Regia that I need to start a pair of socks for Nephew #1. I had sent him home on Thursday after he picked out yarn for a pair of socks. Of course, I only have 2 skeins and the color way seems to have been discontinued! Plan B is to work the cuff, heel and toes in a solid to extend the yarn because he is close to 6 feet tall with a size 11.5 foot! We had a great lunch and decided to continue north after calling home.
We were awaked Saturday morning by Husband’s cell phone ringing. Once we got on the road where we could get service he checked his voice mail to find a message from Younger. Basically she was calling to say, “I’m awake, no one else is. Come home because I miss you.” Later on when I turned my phone on, I had a voice mail message. It was from The Boss informing me that “Aunty called you and I was just letting you know.” Gotta love technology!
Friday was definitely the day to take pictures. We brought both the digital and 35mm cameras with. Guess how many pictures we took. Zero! Oh well, it was past peak foliage and I was more interested in getting into Vermont and trying to start a pair of socks for Nephew #1.
Saturday, well...... If you were in the Eastern US you know how the weather was. Rain, wind and chill. We did manage to get to both Vermont Country Stores. How I didn’t spend every penny I had was beyond me! I would love to have a credit card with no limit on it and just go nuts. We did get a few things, had a delicious lunch (I highly recommend dipping your grilled ham, turkey and cheese sandwich in maple syrup) and worked our way back to 91 south and home while listening to both the Craftsman Truck and Busch races from Memphis. Which kept me from wigging out the couple of times I couldn’t see the road and felt the truck hydroplaning down the highway.
Once we arrived, we had more surprises waiting for us. I had told both Oldest and The Boss about the sweater that I had finished but not gotten washed that was in the delicate bucket next to the machine. I didn’t see The Boss when I came in the door so I asked how she liked the sweater. She came around the corner saying she loved it! And could she wear it home? Ackk! She had on my CASHMERE turtleneck that was a gift from my in-laws! Not the one I had knit for her. So down the basement we went to find the correct sweater. It fit, she loved the colors and all was good even if she couldn’t talk me into letting her have my turtleneck.
Talking with Oldest it turned out that we had lost power overnight and needed to reset some of the clocks in the house. And a funny thing happened during the day. When The Boss went to the basement to find the sweater she couldn’t get the light to work. Turns out she was flicking the switch on the stairs not the switch in the hallway (which turns on the light). Sunday morning I hear Husband come downstairs, open the basement door and flick the switch. Turns out that she had turned OFF the furnace and he was cold. Good thing this wasn’t the dead of winter!
Sunday I spent in my pj’s, on the couch, spinning and watching the Cup race. I did stop with 20 laps to go because I couldn’t control the fiber. This track has a reputation of having exciting finishes and it lived up to it. I also managed to get a few loads of laundry done, though not as many as I had hoped. We lost power in the afternoon for about an hour and Husband, knowing that I needed to at least hear the race found the battery operated TV and set it up. And my dryer was not performing up to standards.
It was taking 2 full cycles to dry a load which was very irritating as it is electric! I had mentioned this to Husband 2 weeks ago and asked him to check the hose, outlet, etc. What I ended up doing was fishing out huge chunks of lint from just under the filter using a bent coat hanger. It is working better now, but it’s going to take both of us to complete the job as I can’t tip the dryer up, hold it in place and get to lint myself.
All in all, I had a relaxing time. We did get away, saw some sights, spent some money and are still together!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Never Say Never

And never say never multiple times!
Back in 1998 I ran into Lucy’s shop holding a Knitter’s magazine over my head and proclaimed that “I need yarn!” So began my adventure in fiber.
At the time she was only open on weekends and didn’t have her wheel in the shop. At the time I had to be in Cambridge every Saturday and would spend my time in the shop watching her spin. When she asked if I would like to learn to spin I emphatically stated NO! I would never spin and would pay someone to do it.
About a year later, I felt this need come over me to try to spin. Lucy handed me a beginner drop spindle and some roving. I was hooked! Like most people I quickly figured out why it’s called a ‘drop’ spindle but I also quickly figured out how to use it. My problem was that I wanted to spin and not have to stop and wind up the single.
It only took about a month for me to order my first wheel. I needed one that was portable and could spin several weights. The Joy fit the bill to a tee. It took me almost 9 months to pay for it but the wait was worth it.
I could put down in the luggage bay along with my fiber and spend hours of quality time spinning in Foxwood’s bus parking lot. Although, the first time I was alone with it, far from Lucy’s help, it did not go well. I was ready to return it (in pieces no less)! With everything you have to remember about drafting the fiber, hand placement, coordinating the tread ling with your hands, etc I forgot she had casually mentioned that the roving had a bias and I needed to use one end. What I was getting was ‘novelty’ yarn. You know, thin and thick with huge lumps randomly thrown in. This was not how my yarn was coming out a couple of days earlier at the shop! Fortunately, I was able to get help and away I went.
Forward a few months later and Husband had asked what I wanted for Christmas. At the time, I wasn’t in lust with any particular thing so I told him I would let him know. That weekend I was sitting in the shop, spinning away when it hit me! I wanted a second wheel. And I wanted a Traditional. With the Lace Flyer! And I had the credit card with me.
Husband was at a buddy’s house watching the Pats and I caught him at half time. I told him that I wanted a second wheel and I had the credit card with me. No, I was not trading in the Joy. No I was not crazy. And no, it was not coming to the house until it was assembled.
It didn’t arrive in time for the holiday but just before my birthday. I used a honey oak stain with shellac to seal it, and then assembled it. It has served me well over the years.
I’ve spun progressively thinner 2 ply lace weight. I’ve been working with a beautiful natural Coopworth fleece that I got about 4 years ago. I hand washed it then separated the sections that seemed best for lace. When the mood strikes, I flick the locks gently and spin away. I estimate that I have about a thousand yards of 2 ply so far.
When I first started to spin, I had no plans to knit with my handspun. I just enjoyed the feel of the fiber in my hands and the product I was getting. I finally broke down about 2 years ago and started knitting small projects for certain family members, mostly Seaman’s scarfs.
My ultimate goal is to be able to knit a Shetland ‘wedding ring’ shawl using my handspun.
I have no plans to get another wheel but who knows. All it will take is the right place and the right time and I might come home with another!

And Husband? He didn’t understand why I ‘needed’ another wheel. So I asked him why he kept buying putters. And then it became clearer to him. And I get the secret pleasure of knowing that I have something to show for my money.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


All I want is underwear that doesn’t become a thong when I pull up my pants. And bra’s that don’t fall apart after 2 washes.
All I want is to be able to walk into a store and buy a pair of pants without having to try on every single ‘designer’ in a minimum of 2 sizes.
All I want is to have sleeves that fit on shirts. And pullovers long enough in the body that I don’t have to pin them down to keep it from becoming a crop top.
What brought this on you ask. Well, I needed to replace 2 pairs of pants for work. And where I work determines what type of fabric I need. Chino’s and khakis are good, dry clean only is not.
I walked into the local Sears store because I’ve had success before with a certain brand they carry. I walked through the women’s department, Misses department and the Land’s End department and found exactly 1 PAIR of pants!
I guess I should feel lucky that they are not hip huggers but they come close. And they do have pockets both front and back. Although I didn’t find out that the back pockets were sewn shut until I was at work. And my sharp pointy scissors were in my accessories bag at home.
Necessity is the mother of invention it is said. I had a very small multi tool in my purse and the knife worked great! Voila! Pockets I can use.
Husband gets a great laugh every time I get dressed because of what I do to keep myself comfortable. With the colder weather I wear long sleeve shirts and need the body to stay tucked to keep the ‘draft’ from blowing up my back. So I tuck it into my underwear because I can’t get pants that fit close enough to my waist to hold in. And then I have to readjust the back of my underwear before I zip because it just slipped into the middle of my butt! If I wanted Thong underwear I would buy Thongs! Which I have tried and hated!
At least I can get my knits to fit.


All I want is underwear that doesn’t become a thong when I pull up my pants. And bra’s that don’t fall apart after 2 washes.
All I want is to be able to walk into a store and buy a pair of pants without having to try on every single ‘designer’ in a minimum of 2 sizes.
All I want is to have sleeves that fit on shirts. And pullovers long enough in the body that I don’t have to pin them down to keep it from becoming a crop top.
What brought this on you ask. Well, I needed to replace 2 pairs of pants for work. And where I work determines what type of fabric I need. Chino’s and khakis are good, dry clean only is not.
I walked into the local Sears store because I’ve had success before with a certain brand they carry. I walked through the women’s department, Misses department and the Land’s End department and found exactly 1 PAIR of pants!
I guess I should feel lucky that they are not hip huggers but they come close. And they do have pockets both front and back. Although I didn’t find out that the back pockets were sewn shut until I was at work. And my sharp pointy scissors were in my accessories bag at home.
Necessity is the mother of invention it is said. I had a very small multi tool in my purse and the knife worked great! Voila! Pockets I can use.
Husband gets a great laugh every time I get dressed because of what I do to keep myself comfortable. With the colder weather I wear long sleeve shirts and need the body to stay tucked to keep the ‘draft’ from blowing up my back. So I tuck it into my underwear because I can’t get pants that fit close enough to my waist to hold in. And then I have to readjust the back of my underwear before I zip because it just slipped into the middle of my butt! If I wanted Thong underwear I would buy Thongs! Which I have tried and hated!
At least I can get my knits to fit.

Monday, September 11, 2006

It’s Back! I Think

I’ve been knitting socks. And it’s gone well. I finished a toe up for younger and was able to cast on for the second with no problems. I’ve also cast on for a simple toe up pair for me. I’ve also pick up and started finishing a pair for an in-law that requested them over a year ago. So far, so good. I guess if I keep it simple I’ve got a chance.
What I really want to work on is baby things but I’ve got to get the holiday’s over with first. And I’ve got something in the works for the end of March. And I’ve got workshops coming up this fall that I need to get going on. And I’ve got 2 jobs that I’m working. And I’ve got my anniversary coming up and need to plan where we want to get away to. And, And, And.
So if all I can knit are simple socks I’ll take it.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New York, New York

In all the years that I’ve been driving, I’ve only been to New York once. And it went badly. I got lost getting into and out of the city. As a result I would threaten to quit if any one tried to make me go. Basically I’m a country girl. I don’t like crowds or noise and I don’t need bright lights at night.
I would take any trip that put me in the country where the sidewalks (if they had any) were rolled up after dark.
Fast forward to Sunday. I wrote this sitting in my bus on 42nd St near the Port Authority bus terminal facing 10th Ave! I am still shaking my head as to what possessed me to accept this job. So far it’s gone well.
Friday night I got a call from the bus company asking if I could do a trip into Fenway. Just a simple job, drop the group at Fenway, wait and return. 10 minutes later, they called again asking if I could do a trip to NY! With the BIG bus. Now up to this point I’ve only had jobs that required a mini bus, usually only 15 to 20 passengers. I think they were testing me to see how I handled getting around and how I treated the equipment. I must have passed the test!
Well, I explained that I could get to NY. That’s easy, 95 south but I had no idea how to get anywhere down there. As long as I had explicit directions I would do it. Now by explicit directions I mean get off at such and such ramp with such and such being on the sign. Take a turn at such and such street with the street sign having that name. No nicknames or such that are not easily seen from a 45 foot vehicle going 30 mph.
Turns out there were 2 other buses going and they both knew their way around. So Sunday morning I picked up my passengers and tucked the bus between the other guys and away we went. And I had a good time. There was only one small hitch having to do with fuel, the sun broke out in Connecticut and stayed out the rest of the day, the group was great and I got home at 3 am!
And I was also thinking of all the bad stuff that I had heard other drivers talk about that had happened down there as well and I was a little nervous about my personal safety as well and damage being done to the bus. So I kept a good eye on my mirrors and always locked the door when I got off.
I was enjoying my movie, knitting on The Boss’s new sweater, when I say a man standing at the back of the bus by the tires. As I watched he unzipped his pants and that’s when I opened the door and yelled “Get away from my bus!” I was not what he was expecting! I almost feel sorry for him. I bet he though the bus was empty and if not, the driver would have been a male. Not a woman with fire shooting out of her eyes and yelling at a volume that made traffic stop! I’ll be giggling over that for awhile.
And I might go to New York City again.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Towards the End of Summer

This has been a big year for me. Younger has finished school and started on her adult life. July 1st she started working full time. She’s out the door around 7 and home by 4:30 pm most days. Unlike me who still leave work around 2ish.
I’m still trying to adjust to coming home to an empty house. I had plans for all that ‘free’ time but life filled it up. Work is still crazy, she played softball this year and my body needed care.
So off to the chiropractor 3 days a week after work which usually gives me about an hour to do what ever. Softball practice took 2 evenings and most of Saturday mornings. And then I took on a second paying job driving again. The up side with this job is I only work when I feel I would be available. So far, it’s averaged once a week. And direct deposit is a wonderful thing! No having to remember to pick up a check and then figure out when to get to the bank to do something with it.
This month Younger turned 22 and then participated in the Special Olympics for softball. The team stayed at the UMass-Amherst campus and played in Easthampton. We had glorious weather this year for both the players and spectators. And they won Silver again! The team that STOMPED them last year only BEAT them this year!
I had picked up one of my nephews on the way out to the tournament who spent the weekend with my Mom and stepDad on the ‘Other side of the Mountain’ from Amherst.
Nephew looks soooo much like his mom but with more freckles. I was able to sneak a few shoots of him and will be sending copies to a few people. He turned out to be a real ‘boy’! Playing in the dirt, looking for bugs and snakes. He had a glorious weekend as well. Mom dropped him off at the field with dirt under his nails and a birdhouse he put together with guidance from stepDad.
Having Younger another year older, out of school for good and working HAS made me feel old. I don’t look my age and don’t act my age but inside I feel old. Not ready to not drive at night old. Not wanting to take up bingo old but old. I look at my Mom and she doesn’t look old. Even though her children are all parents, making her a grand mother 14 times over and a great grand she doesn’t look like that kind of old.
I feel old in an almost good way. My life will no longer be dictated by a school schedule with all of the days off and regular vacation weeks. No more fitting my work life around school time. No more stressing because she’s going to be home and I have to work. I’m free to plan vacations that don’t coincide with every school child being out at the same time and so every place I want to go is packed. I’m free to stay later at work if need be and not stressed about it. I’m free to come home and watch a show on TV with out having to ‘share’ it with anyone else. Or take a nap. Or do nothing but close my eyes and design a new knit.
Old is starting to feel good!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Day Off

It’s almost 2:30 and I just realized that I have done almost nothing today but sit in front of the computer reading blogs and listening to pod casts.
I did manage to get the last 2 loads of laundry done for the week but beyond that nothing. I blame Husband for that. He had left Friday night for a weekend camping with the guy’s and I was giddy with thoughts of what I could get done over 2 days.
I go the call Friday night that Youngers practice was canceled for the morning and with Husband gone Younger and I settled in and relaxed for the evening. I fell asleep on the couch so I have no idea what time she went to bed. All I know is that I woke up around 1 am with lights and fans on. If anyone looked in the window I must have looked like I was shot or drugged on the couch!
Saturday we took off to relieve Susan at Lucy’s and had a good afternoon. I made progress on the Clapotis to the point where I have dropped my first stitch in Section 3. I figured that I could get a few more stitches dropped but NOOOO! I didn't even finish the first repeat when I found my stitch count off! So, I set it aside and went to bed.
I awoke later than my usually time this morning (6:15) and settled in with my coffee and knitting to listen to a few pod casts figuring that Younger wouldn’t be awake for a couple of hours when I heard Husband’s truck backing down the street at 6:45 am! What the!??
The story was he was kept up all night both Friday and Saturday and came home to sleep. With the Nextel Cup having a weekend off I had nothing to watch this afternoon so I just sat here.
I have tried to start a new pair of socks for Younger in Fixation but had to frog it because I cast on too many stitches! So I decided to try using the 2 circ method and that went bust as well! I guess I’m going to make a burned offering of cashmere to the Knitting Deities in order to get out of this funk with being able to knit socks!
Maybe I should try and spin a little??

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I Must Be Wearing A Sign

You ever have one of those days where the public assumes you are in charge and make all the decisions? Well, today was my day.
I was sent to the RMV to put another new company vehicle on the road and take one off. Before I left the office I went over the RMV-1 and filled in the missing stuff. I also made sure I had the correct registration for the vehicle coming off the road. I have this routine down pat. I know what to expect when I get to the registry. I’ve learned from past experience what the people behind the counter will hone in on and NOT give you plates.
What threw me today is when I was informed that I Had To Call a certain state agency because that agency would not perform the requested function. I am only the messenger! I’ve been given the warning the past 6 times (in less than 3 weeks, mind you!) about the PROBLEM and I have passed the message on to the appropriate person who should have dealt with this PROBLEM already!
Of course, it’s not an emergency for them because they didn’t heed the warning. By the way, the person behind the desk said I could come straight back to them today as soon as the PROBLEM was taken care of. HA! It’s going to be a few days before I get back there.
Later on, my boss was out of the office and I had to call him to find out what vehicle was to be looked at by an insurance adjuster. He had been told this person would arrive at 10 am. It was not 10 am but several hours past that. He was standing in the office and overheard my boss say that the vehicle in question might not be available because of the 10 am thing. To which, this man rather rudely said we don’t make time appointments because we don’t know how long it will take to make our assessment of a vehicle and if the vehicle was not here he would call in a few days to reschedule. Then I had to fast walk after him to inform him that the vehicle was here and point it out to him. Yuck! When my boss returned I passed the message on about the not scheduling times and he has decided that someone else will deal with the insurance stuff from now on.
On a better note, I have been knitting. Because of the issues with the sock knitting deities, I decided to tackle a Clapotis using a silk and rayon lace weight yarn from my stash. So far, so good. I’ve got to work 1 more repeat in Section 2 then comes the fun part with the dropping of stitches. I’m hoping to give this a SIL for Christmas. And husband commented that SIL would love the colors.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Writing Letters

It’s amazing what good stationary does! A few weeks ago, I was gifted with a couple of boxes of great quality, small note size stationary with matching envelopes. In the past week, I’ve discovered writing letters and mailing them.

I grew up in the age of paper. My grandfather came to this country after WWI from Germany and I can remember the look and feel of the airmail envelope. I can remember looking down the hall way and seeing them propped up on the bed and hearing Grampy reading (in German) all the news from the old country.
I remember being sent to the desk for paper and pen to write thank you notes and letter’s to family members that had moved away. It was exciting to receive mail in my name and know that someone had thought enough of me to do the physical task of putting pen to paper, writing my name on the envelope and spending money to insure that it arrived where I was living.
To this day, I still get excited butterflies in my stomach when I receive mail from family members and I still have letter’s and card’s I’ve received from when I was a child.

Don’t get me wrong. I now live in the electronic age. I spend a huge amount of time in front of computers both at work and at home. I love getting and sending email. I actually find it easier to write an email than a letter because I can erase any mistakes I make in spelling or grammar. Writing a letter in pen slows me down because I have think about what I want to say and then write it down. I’ve always thought faster than I can write and it became very frustrating forgetting what I wanted to say. Not to mention the fact, I can’t spell worth a damn.

Getting back to the stationary - During the week, I wrote a longish letter to a member of my knitting guild. She did not attend that last 2 meetings and I missed her. She has been my inspiration for a long time. She’s taught me so much about knitting and life in general and is always the first person I want to show off a Finished Object to. She is also a night owl, literally! She sleeps all day and is up all night so getting her on the phone is difficult. Not to mention that I don’t like to wake up her husband by calling too early in the morning.
And then tonight I was thinking about the wife of Youngers softball coach. She was diagnosed with cancer earlier in the year and has not been able to come to any of the practices. We’ve been getting update on her progress from Coach but today it came to me that I wanted to let her know I was thinking of her and sending good energy her way. So I grabbed the box, pulled out a sheet and wrote her a short note. Then I folded it, put it in the envelope and addressed it. I’ll drop it in the mail at work on Monday.

Stationary is good!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I Can Not Knit.......

Socks! I have been trying to make some new sock for myself since November? December? of last year. Oh, I’ve finished a few that were on the needles and I’ve completed a few simple pairs for younger. What I’ve been craving to make is a few more pairs of OOOH! AHHH! socks for my collection.
I’ve got all the popular books – Knitting on the Road, Vogue Socks One, Socks 3X. I’ve even bought a new one recently – Sensational Knitting Socks. I’ve got a gazillion patterns printed out from the web. I have a multiple sets of double point’s, 16 inch circ’s and 24 inch circ’s.
I have the desire and the need to make a pair that are chocolate for my feet. I can see these socks on my feet and feel the sensation of my body relaxing because my feet are happy.
So why is it that the desire is there, the knowledge is vast, the materials needed to complete this task are so available and I can not knit a pair of stinking socks!!!!
Since Saturday, I have cast on and frogged the same yarn 3 times. With the first pattern I chose I was able to complete the cuff and the simple 3 stitch ‘clock’ pattern down the sides defeated me. I couldn’t get the math to work. Of course, today it all made sense.
So I kept the cuff (I really, really like it) and found a different pattern for the leg. I got half way through the gusset decrease and frogged that! The cast on was a little tight, the leg was short and the gusset was going to be too large for my foot.
Today I attempted the original pattern again and I dropped a stitch somewhere in the working of the Cannel Isle cast on and didn’t find this out until I started the cuff pattern!
It’s got to be some kind of karmic voodoo thing from some knitting deity who has decided that I should not knit fancy socks every again.
I give up. I’m going to knit lace.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Great Genes

True story. I am a knitter. What!? We can do other things beside knit.
I also spin yarn. What!?
OK, I am a fiberist. Anyway, I digress.
Once a year we FIBERIST’S, get together for a whole weekend and have loads of fun. Not much sleep, but lots of knitting, spinning, weaving and fiber, fiber, fiber!!!!
This year I had worked my schedule so I could arrive at a decent hour on Friday and leave on Sunday morning. Not to be. My other life as a wife interfered.
I had taken a couple of vacation days so I could get some ‘girly’ things done Friday before I left town like get a manicure. My daughter was to be in school and husband at work. At 7:15 am he is flat on the floor in agony with back spasms and I’m dialing 911. Long story short, I did make it to SPA around 7 pm to hook up with my girlfriend whom I’m sharing a room with.
We unloaded my car and dumped everything in our room then I took a spin around the vendor area to scope out possible ways to spend my cash for the next day.
By now it’s waaay past time for me to eat so we decided to grab a quick bite and drink in the lounge. They had a DJ set up and the music was acceptable to me – early 90’s dance stuff with some newer stuff thrown in but the volume was such we couldn’t hear ourselves talk so we moved to the bar out of the high volume area.
Keep in mind, we are both in our mid-40’s, married, etc. It’s been a long day for both of us and it’s getting past our bedtimes.
So here we are, sitting at the bar with a drink in front of us, checking out the bar menu for food when this young man (he probably was in his late 20’s –early 30’s) can up to us and asked “ Are you ladies alone?”.
I looked at S. and didn’t say the first thing that came to my mind (which was NO! We’re together, you young thing. Go away!) What I did say was “No, we left them at home.” We chatted a couple of more minutes, he got another beer and went back to his table.
I leaned over to S. and said that he probable would be back and I was going to drop the bomb on him if he did.
He did return and I did drop the bomb on him! I forget exactly what he said but it was perfect thing for me to respond with “By the way, you are talking to a grandmother.” The expression on his face – mouth dropped open, eyes widened and I could see the brain cells trying to grasp that word – grandmother.
“You can’t be a grandmother, you are too young. You don’t have enough wrinkles or gray hair!”
(Meanwhile, I can see S. is about falling off the bar stool with laughter). And with a straight face I responded with “I have great genes.”
He said, “ Yes, you do.” And rubbed the knee of my jeans with his finger and walked away muttering a little bit.
S. and I got our food, ate it and headed back to our room. Waiting for the elevator, we looked at each other and starting giggling. Neither one of us had been hit on like that in years! Poor boy didn’t know what hit him!

Monday, June 26, 2006

In which we get a new house phone

My first post!
‘We’ have issues here with cordless phones. ‘We’ replace the cordless phone about every 12-14 months. Now every cordless ‘we’ve’ purchased tells you not to have it mounted close to a microwave. Where is the only place in our kitchen to plug in the cordless phone? Yup, right next to the microwave! Has HE every read the instructions for ALL the phones HE has had to buy? Does HE every remember this when I read it to HIM every time a new phone is installed? NOPE!
This time I tried to ‘save’ him money by going to Radio Shack for a replacement battery. Never trust the clerk that DOES NOT check their computer that the replacement battery you hold in your hand is the correct one for the cordless phone you brought with you and are holding in your other hand! Two batteries and plus $20's later the phone is toast!
So today ‘we’ decided to get another cordless phone. I mentioned about the microwave problem and it might be a good idea to move the mounting away from the microwave. I literally could see the light bulb go off over his head!

'We' have a long phone cord that would reach through the doorway into the dining room where there is a short bookcase that has an outlet next to it!
So HE went to K-Mart to buy a new cordless phone. This time HE got a little smarter. HE purchased a unit with 2 cordless handsets complete with a new answering machine and both handsets have caller ID. Bonus! (The old machine has had issues since we bought it. Every other message that was left was garbled. Sorta like the trying to listen to a cassette tape that had be previously chewed up.)
Now comes the fun part! HE hands me his cell phone to call the house phone to check out what the new machine message is. This way I can decide to replace it with a differant one if I don’t like it. (That’s another story). So I call the house - Ring! Ring! Ring! And it’s not picking up!
Duh! It’s not plugged in to an outlet!!!!!! It took about 20 rings with him asking questions like “Is it ringing? It’s not picking up!” Then the good one – “I used the old power pack.” Different manufactures AND it’s not even plugged into the phone.

PS – correct power pack plugged in, phone picks up after 4 rings! And I like the message on the machine. Very male and the exact message I would have put on it.

PSS - a few hours later, after the handset were charged we got a call. I couldn't figure out how to what button to push to answer it! Got that straightened out (niece calling long-distance to see if she could use our couch for a few days) and asked where the instruction book for the new phone is.
It's in the box.
In the basement that has a river running though it.
Taped up!

Sigh........ I do love him.

Fiber Content - I've finished knitting the striped raglan cardigan and have started to sew in the ends. If all goes well, this will live at work for the summer.