Wednesday, September 27, 2006


All I want is underwear that doesn’t become a thong when I pull up my pants. And bra’s that don’t fall apart after 2 washes.
All I want is to be able to walk into a store and buy a pair of pants without having to try on every single ‘designer’ in a minimum of 2 sizes.
All I want is to have sleeves that fit on shirts. And pullovers long enough in the body that I don’t have to pin them down to keep it from becoming a crop top.
What brought this on you ask. Well, I needed to replace 2 pairs of pants for work. And where I work determines what type of fabric I need. Chino’s and khakis are good, dry clean only is not.
I walked into the local Sears store because I’ve had success before with a certain brand they carry. I walked through the women’s department, Misses department and the Land’s End department and found exactly 1 PAIR of pants!
I guess I should feel lucky that they are not hip huggers but they come close. And they do have pockets both front and back. Although I didn’t find out that the back pockets were sewn shut until I was at work. And my sharp pointy scissors were in my accessories bag at home.
Necessity is the mother of invention it is said. I had a very small multi tool in my purse and the knife worked great! Voila! Pockets I can use.
Husband gets a great laugh every time I get dressed because of what I do to keep myself comfortable. With the colder weather I wear long sleeve shirts and need the body to stay tucked to keep the ‘draft’ from blowing up my back. So I tuck it into my underwear because I can’t get pants that fit close enough to my waist to hold in. And then I have to readjust the back of my underwear before I zip because it just slipped into the middle of my butt! If I wanted Thong underwear I would buy Thongs! Which I have tried and hated!
At least I can get my knits to fit.

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