Sunday, November 30, 2008

This and That

Wow, it's been awhile since my last entry. No cookie for me. Been working and knitting - alot! Lately I've been on Ravelry (thefibergoddess) getting my projects, stash and needles input. Since the beginning of November I've gotten a few things done and today I added pictures! Now if I could just figure out the 'instant messaging' part, I be cooking with gas. We went to the in-law's as usual for Thanksgiving and had The Boss with us. She went home with Oldest yesterday and I do miss her already. With her help I was able to clean a lot of clutter out of the kitchen. She and I came up with a plan! I'm going to get her a couple of weekends a month and we'll work together on a project around the house to whip it into shape. For what ever reason, Husband and Youngest can't/won't help out and I can't keep up with them. The Boss really likes to be busy which makes her the perfect helper for me. I can stay in one spot and hand her stuff with orders as to what to do with it and she does it.
Once Husband gets home, I'm going to be boiling the turkey for soup. I need to warm up the kitchen, which will warm up the res
t of the house. I ran out to the S.A.B.L.E. and it's COLD out side! So it looks like soup and home-made bread for supper tonight.
As much as Husband claims to be a cat person, he seems to get along pretty well with all the dogs I've brought home to visit. Check these out -

Well, he's pulling into the drive with my coffee so I'm off to make soup and bread. Stay warm and I'll try to be a better blogger.