Saturday, November 25, 2006


I am so pissed off right now if I tried to speak I’d be spitting. Over a week ago I had a repair person in to fix my dryer. He had a computer and other electric/electronic equipment with him to help diagnose what the problem was.
Anyway, it turned out to be the heating element (electric dryer) and it was replaced. I was glad to pay the $$$ to be able to dry my laundry at home and not have to make time each night to drive to a local laundry mat and spend more $$$ to dry each load.
Having to work yesterday with Husband and Younger home with The Boss needless to say, I’ve got Stuff to accomplish today and tomorrow. First and foremost is laundry. I mean it’s not bad but if I don’t keep on top of it, it’ll become Mt. Washmore in a hurry.
So, after a few errands which included buy a carpet for my new work space, I get home and grab the basket with the dirty clothes in it, head down the basement stairs and
What the *&^%$####!!!!!!!!
I have measurable water on the floor! Everywhere! A couple of my buckets I use to sort were over the other side of the basement. I drop the basket and call Husband (who was just pulling up to the house from his errands) and we grab flashlights to check out the damage.
(Here’s the story about that thing. It’s still the one that was installed when we bought the house 12 years ago and I’m always afraid that it will die when it is the most inconvenient! And because it hasn’t die yet, Husband won’t replace it with the pump I insisted he buy 2 years ago.)
With all the rain we got I was suprised I didn’t hear the pump going but I figured the ground was dry and we didn’t get our usual ground water upheaval. WRONG!
Here’s where I get pissed off. We opened the basement door and shed some light on the pump. I wig out . The *&^^%%$#@#$%^&&*!!!!!!!!!!! repair guy UNPLUGGED the pump! And never plugged it back in. I’ve got insurance that will cover any damage but that’s not the point.
This guy should have REMEMBERED that he unplugged something and made an effort to remember to plug it back in.
And Husband wonders why I get stressed out over “things”.