Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

How was yours?? Mine, not so fun. I did get the see all my girls. Husband did not play golf. I did have a good meal. But.....

About an hour before we were to leave to meet Oldest at the restaurant where we had reservations, Husband's back went out. BAD! So Oldest came down with The Boss and The Gift. But at least I didn't have to cook and even though I had to bring food to Husband I had a good day.

I got to listen to a new audio book and play on the computer most of the day. I got to play with The Gift and see her laugh at my silly antics. The Boss showed off her new Game Boy and borrowed a game from Youngest to play. And she helped with the food.

And I talked with both Mom and Mother-In-Law, a sister and my brother.

I have decided that I'm going to try to do a daily update and post it weekly. I'm hoping that might jump start me in getting this blog going on a regular basis. And maybe I'll learn how to post pictures and such as well.

So the wrap up – Ok Mother's Day (as far as the day itself went) but good times with family.