Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Famous Last Words

In my last post I mention Youngest not being well and that it looked like she was on the road to recovery. An hour after that post, I was on my way to the emergency room with her. I thought she had appendicitis. 8 hours later it turned out that she had a kidney stone that had became stuck. This is waaay not good! She only has one kidney and I kinda freaked (quietly so's not to freak her out). Long story short, it was removed yesterday and she is on the mend.
Oldest came as soon as she was called and spent the first night in the hospital as I was asleep on my feet. I was with her last night and tonight she kicked me out as soon as the nurses set her up with the DVD player.
If she continues to drink her IV will be removed and she might be home sometime tomorrow. I know she's feeling much better as she's was starting to giggle this afternoon. I had to leave for a couple of hours and her nurse was going to wash her hair for me. They had an experience! The 'showerhead' fell off the hose and water went everywhere! Not a way I would recommend to clean the walls or floor but Youngest has clean hair.
I'm home for the night with cell phone on in case she needs to call. Love Muffin and Little Man are here for the rest of the week, we have lights, heat and presents for under the tree and life is good.
Merry Christmas to all.
PS - my sister had gastric bypass surgery yesterday and is doing well. She should be on her way home tomorrow as well.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Win! (I think)

I've been adding my stash (S.A.B.L.E. x2) into Ravelry. Ho Boy! I've only gotten a few boxes from the storage room (ala back half of the garage) and well .... you decide.


See the first tab? See that number? How did I let it get so out of control??? Mind you I haven't even started with the hand spun or the realllly good stuff that WILL NOT be put out there.
I was on a roll with this until Friday afternoon when the snow started which has not stopped! Husband has cleared a path twice to the door in between fixing my car.
Oh yeah, yesterday after clearing it off and shoveling the snow from around it, I tried to start it. Well, it was the origin
al battery to the car which is 12 years old and it was 12 degrees out so I guess it was time for it to die. I now have a brand new battery and can go get my Honey Dew Chocolate Raspberry coffee today. Only I'll have to clear my car AGAIN.
And Wanda has been visiting. Thursday night she ran to the back door to worsh
ip at the feet of Husband. And has pretty much been miserably when he hasn't been around. See!

But she has been outside a few times. Right now the snow in the backyard is deeper then her so I've kept her to the shoveled walkway.

And she is definitely a hot house flower.

And snore! I'm not sure who is louder - her or Husband! At the moment, she's on the couch with Youngest who kept Husband and myself up all night holding her head and cleaning up messes. Not sure what the problem was/is but it seems to have run it course.
I'm off to try and get another storage box to add to my Stash or got get coffee or maybe just snuggle under the covers and finish a project or 2.

PS - did I mention we're in for another storm on Tuesday?

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Ok, so it's not officially winter. But it sure is looking like it. I took the dogs out at 6 am and the walkway's were wet. Hard pellets hit my face and I was instantly pissed. The grass is almost covered and I'm sure the back deck is slick as a hockey rink. I've got to find my boots, then clean the dust off of them before I can hit the S.A.B.L.E. for a new project.
Youngest is being a PIA cause she wants to go Shopping and neither me or Husband wants to move out the door. I'm out of coffee and waiting for a phone call before I go out at which time I will stop and get a can.
All I want to do is bundle up with a hot cup a', yarn and a good movie and not have to do anything.
But we need food and clean clothes so I'm hoping to get a couple of hours today of knitting in.
Well, at least the white stuff waited until December to start. I just hope this is not a preview of the rest of winter.