Monday, November 13, 2006

It's Not My Fault!

Dear limenViolet
The following is all your fault!
I was catching up on your podcast. I love you guy’s. Listening to you reminds me of being at knitting group at Mind’s Eye. A group I try not to miss too often. Talk to Husband about how ‘fun’ the extra week is between visits.
As I was listening and knitting and laughing and snorting WACK! Violet mentioned Mountain Color’s Bearfoot and her reaction to it!
Hello! Welcome to my obsession. This is not my #1 yarn but it is in my top 3 below Lucy’s hand-dyed.
I was headed out to a LYS to drop off the Chuppa I blocked Saturday (that’s a whole nuther story and what is sitting on the floor? Their shipment of BEARFOOT! I was not planning on buying yarn. I don’t need anymore yarn, especially sock yarn. I will be knitting with sock yarn after I’m dead if this keeps up.
Not only do I buy 3 skeins of Bearfoot, I also walked out with a skein of Cherry Tree Hill in greens/yellows that can only be described as “Can’t say they didn’t see you coming” bright.
I actually went SQEEE when I saw it. I couldn’t help it.
After listening to 3 plus hours of Yarn Porn and Bearfoot and having missed group last week (for a good reason) I was helpless.
Please do not mention any more sock yarn in your podcast.
The Fibergoddess

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Joanna said...

Oh my, I have never heard this podcast, it sounds very dangerous .... especially since I have convinced myself I can make my own sock yarn. LOL