Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So it's only a few weeks shy of my birthday and I sorta expected the onslaught of AARP stuff but to actually receive a membership card is, ummm, not joyous. Husband has been trying to get a rise out of me but I've been quick to remind him that his will be arriving in just a few months.

FiberCamp was awesome! I got to catch up with a few people. Took a workshop or two and decided that I WILL be taking the TKGA Master course.

I'm out of work (again!) but have been assured that as soon as a desk and computer are available I'll be working again. In the meantime, I've had some quality knitting time with a few UFO's and I've started to cull the UFO list.
These have been frogged

I had to tink these, again, back to the gusset.

I put them down and put the book with all my notes back on the bookshelf. So when I picked up the needles again, I just continued to knit with the needles that I had left off with. Turns out I needed to change needles in order for the thing to fit over my ankle! Tink, Tink, Tink!!!

I've decided on my plane project for next month. I've only to ball up the skein and add a set of needles. I'm hoping that it has that combination of mindless knitting and require just enough attention to keep me from going over the edge on the plane.

CG2 Niece is celebrating a birthday this week and we just received the invitation to The Boss's birthday party. Who said they could grow up so fast!

Oh! and Department of Public Utilities?! Next time you need to dig up the street have to common decency to knock on the door to see if I need to go out. Yeah, we had another leak (sewer this time) and this big truck with a generator behind it totally blocked my ability to move my car out of the drive. They finished around 11 but I had already called to change my 9:30 appointment.