Sunday, February 10, 2008


I have been cleaning my house but stop to rest alot. And I completely stop at 3 pm. Why, you ask? Because from 3 to 5 I am hooked on 'How clean is your house' and 'You are what you eat'. Now, don't get me wrong. My house is no where near as bad the homes they clean up. But alot of what they (Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie) make sense to me. I just didn't realize how bad dust can be for those that have allergies to it. Like me and Husband and Youngest.
I like that they use 'green' cleaning. I've picked up a lot of tips and tricks from this show. And I've come to the decision that I'm going that route as much as possible. Now I hate shopping at Wal-Mart but the other day I spent close to $100 bucks at the local one to get the supplies I needed to get me going on this. I needed spray bottles and diapers and a few other things. Most everything else I already had here, such as white vinager, baking soda and borax. I've even bookmarked a couple of 'green cleaning' sites to help make the transition easier.
I've been cleaning up a storm this week to the point that I even took the oven door off my stove to facilitate getting my upper body inside to clean it! I've already noticed a big difference in how I feel. Normally this time of year, my outdoor allergies start acting up and I quickly start down the migraine, sinus infection road. So far, so good!
I've even started to develop a cleaning plan and have written it down. There are things that have to be done every day and then weekly and monthly stuff. I figure that with returning to work soon, with a plan I can keep up. And Youngest is becoming quite the helper. So it looks like Husband is outnumbered. He really hasn't taken to this so far. But Youngest is a better nagger than me!

And as for eating, we are very bland here at Casa Fibergoddess. I realized that most of our meals are brown and yellowish. No red, greens or any other colors. As I said in my previous post, I AM GOING TO TAKE CARE OF ME. Towards that, I have been eating well. I estimate that I've lost 10 pounds over the last few months and am determined to gain it back. The internet is a wonderful thing! But, I've discovered that I have to increase my caloric intake to over 2000 a day to safely gain 1 to 2 pounds a mouth. Yikes! So, it will be oatmeal AND toast with peanut butter for breakfast, 2 snacks before lunch, something besides ham and cheese on white bread for lunch, 2 more snacks before supper, lots of carbs and protein for supper and a bedtime snack. Now before you wig out, I'm not going the junk food route.
There is a 'gourmet' farm stand just down the street from work. They carry a lot of organic and healthy stuff. So, it will be nuts and dried fruit and fresh veggies for snacks. Whole wheat pasta and quality made box mixes. Not a lot of added salt and sugar, etc. I figure that Husband and Youngest (who has, on her own, lost over 10 pounds this year!!!) will also benefit from this diet.

I'm hoping that I can get my work schedule going in a direction that won't stress me out too much so I can function when I get home. Having a regular eating schedule is not possible but my plan is to put healthy snacks in a fanny pack and wear it. That way, before I get too hungry I can eat and that's the key for me. I can't wait until I'm hungry because then I don't want to eat.