Sunday, February 15, 2009

And So It Begins!!!!!

In just under an hour my sporting season will start. It's going to be an interesting season. Lots of interesting rule changes, lots of new teams and lots of action!
I've got my knitting project lined up just waiting to be picked up after DW yells Boggity! Boggity! Boggity! How I've missed that. And how I'm going to enjoy it for the next few races.
Unfortunately, I've been laid low with a nasty cold and am missing The Boss's birthday party. She's 11! Which means The Gift will be 2 in a couple of months. And Youngest will be 25 after that. What is going on with the calendar?! How did these kids get so old so fast?
Well, I'm going to claim my spot on the couch, get comfy and enjoy the next few hours. I'm hoping for a great race with a tight finish and no injuries to any of the driver's, except The Other Gordon. He needs to crash right after crossing the start/finish line so I don't have to see his car on the track or hear his name mentioned.
Have a great day and if y'all don't hear from me until just before Thanksgiving, I'll be doing fine!

Monday, February 02, 2009

So I Didn't Win

Yesterday a group of us from the Taunton SnB decided to take advantage of the Super Bowl. Black Sheep Knitting Co., in Needham was one of the many LYS having sales and we did ourselves proud. I DID NOT spend the most but I did manage to get a few noteworthy items as well as knocking off a couple of things on my wish list.
Look! Yarn!
Starting left to right from the back are Bashful Fibers, Mountain Colors Bearfoot, Regis Softy Color, Lang Jawoll Aktion (with a reinforcement spool!), Regia Silk and Lang Jawoll Cotton Jacquard.

I found out about Bashful Fibers from exploring other's stashes on Ravelry but didn't expect to find it so quick. My plan is to make Youngest a pair of tube socks with it.
I had to get the Bearfoot cause I don't have that colorway. I was asked what I was going to make with it. Well, nothing as a matter of fact. I buy Bearfoot to feel up not to knit with it! I have never even heard of the Regia Softy and decided use it to make The Boss and The Gift matching socks. The rest will eventually become socks for whoever.

But I didn't just buy yarn, I added to the accessories/books section as well.

Knitted Jackets by Cheryl Oberle, Addi 0000 (1.25mm) double points, a Mighty Bright clip on lamp (love the color!), pink and blue highlighter tape, another pair of 'reading' glasses, three samples of Soak, jumbo locking stitch markers and soft stitch ring markers.

I plan on using my Border Leicester hand-spun to make The Wrapper jacket. The pullover I had almost completed turned out Wrong! So I hunted around and found Cheryl had a new book out. This pattern jumped out at me as I wanted a casual jacket for the yarn. Let's hope I have enough hand-spun to complete it!
I've needed an small clip on light for years and this one seems to fit the bill. It has 2 LED lights and runs on 3 AAA batteries. I like the fact you
can choose one or 2 lights and it clips or will sit flat. I tested it out last night during part of the game and I was able to see my pattern and knitting quite clearly. I have high hopes for this.
I'm always in need of reading glasses and I loved the color of this pair. Hopefully (if I remember to put them in the bag) I'll have an easier time of finding these than some of my other pairs.
I was called crazy when I showed off my find of a set of Addi 0000 needles. I have enough cobweb lace yarn to make a Wedding Ring shawl. Just cause I've had this yarn for almost 10 years and never started doesn't mean I'm crazy! My Mom has a magnifying lamp I can use.
The rest will probably end up being used for gifts bags on The Half Mystery Tour.
Which is still in the planning phase. I'm waiting on a certain place to get back to me so I can get pricing done.

Oh, and if buying more sock yarn wasn't enough I even bought socks this weekend. See - I can shop for clothes. These are Smart Wool socks with a padded sole. I test wore them yesterday and I was impressed. My feet were warm but not overly so and the padding help with keeping my feet comfortable.
I did buy another style of Smart Wool socks but the company will be getting a nasty letter from me about those. Making the cast on and cuff tight for a pair of knee high socks that are designed for multiple sized feet makes for having the circulation cut off on your calves.
Stupid people! The elastic in the sock will keep them up!