Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I Can Not Knit.......

Socks! I have been trying to make some new sock for myself since November? December? of last year. Oh, I’ve finished a few that were on the needles and I’ve completed a few simple pairs for younger. What I’ve been craving to make is a few more pairs of OOOH! AHHH! socks for my collection.
I’ve got all the popular books – Knitting on the Road, Vogue Socks One, Socks 3X. I’ve even bought a new one recently – Sensational Knitting Socks. I’ve got a gazillion patterns printed out from the web. I have a multiple sets of double point’s, 16 inch circ’s and 24 inch circ’s.
I have the desire and the need to make a pair that are chocolate for my feet. I can see these socks on my feet and feel the sensation of my body relaxing because my feet are happy.
So why is it that the desire is there, the knowledge is vast, the materials needed to complete this task are so available and I can not knit a pair of stinking socks!!!!
Since Saturday, I have cast on and frogged the same yarn 3 times. With the first pattern I chose I was able to complete the cuff and the simple 3 stitch ‘clock’ pattern down the sides defeated me. I couldn’t get the math to work. Of course, today it all made sense.
So I kept the cuff (I really, really like it) and found a different pattern for the leg. I got half way through the gusset decrease and frogged that! The cast on was a little tight, the leg was short and the gusset was going to be too large for my foot.
Today I attempted the original pattern again and I dropped a stitch somewhere in the working of the Cannel Isle cast on and didn’t find this out until I started the cuff pattern!
It’s got to be some kind of karmic voodoo thing from some knitting deity who has decided that I should not knit fancy socks every again.
I give up. I’m going to knit lace.

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Danielle said...

As Susan said today, it's kind of perversely encouraging to know that there's one thing you can't make! Even if it's just Murphy's Law fairies having their way with you.