Friday, March 27, 2009


Yesterday was one of those days. You know, if things are going to go wrong they go in a big way. I mentioned that we had a water main leak a few weeks ago. The DPW guys were not unhappy that day as it resulted in overtime for them but it got Husband and I talking about how crappy our water pressure is and with the warm weather coming it's going to get even worse. And lets not go into the interesting color that comes out of the facets.
Anyway, last week I heard a lot of loud male voices outside my house and when I stepped outside it was a bunch of city workers spray painting my stre
See -

One color for gas and one for the water. They informed me the 2 inch water main was being upgraded to an 8 inch main! Yipee!!! We'll be able to flush both toilets at the same time.
So this has been living on my street for about a week.

Tuesday they started making the trench for the new pipe,
which involved a very annoying machine that make all kinds of weird loud noises and it came down past my house. The upshot of THAT was this

A semi solid line down the street that ends at the stream. They also dug a really deep hole at the other end of the street which they do cover with a huge steel plate every night. Well yesterday morning just as the guys were starting to dig again, I had to call 911. My CO2 monitor was going off intermittently and you are suppose to call the Fire Department. Turns out it's an old unit giving up the ghost but they smelled gas in the kitchen and had to call the gas company. Which arrived about 20 minutes later and didn't find any detectable levels of gas anywhere in the house - not around the stove, under the stove, behind the stove or in the stove. However, we could SMELL gas every so often so he had to condemn my stove.

Which, for me is not so bad. I've wanted to replace this since we bought the house 15 years ago but I wasn't prepared to shop for a new one this weekend. I've got to work both days and also will have the little dogs overnight. We're looking for a used range to get us through until we remodel the kitchen. That's when I'll have the nice new cook top and dual ovens installed.
Sigh, why do hardware always go south when you just spent you last dime?
But I have dual flushing to look forward to this summer!

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