Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On The Down Side

I've made it over the mountain and now I can see the finish line! I've spent the last month or so getting my Ravelry account filled up with FOs, UFOs, TOADs and the SABLE.
My next step is to really examine the UFOs and decide which I want to finish and then frog the rest. Then I'm going to attach the SABLE and try to get it down to a stash.
This has been a good exercise for me. I've finally got a handle on what I've got going and and how much time I have to play with it. I sorta knew I had KADD (knitting attention deficit disorder) but had no idea how bad it was! No wonder I have 8 size 4 16 inch circular needles and could not find one when I needed one! They were in UFOS! Some of which were years old and now that they have surfaced I can't figure out A) Why I started/stopped the project, B) Where I was in the pattern and C) What was I thinking???? when I started it.
This has lead to reflection in other area's of my life and home. I'm really starting to get the house into some kind of order without any input from Husband. He's just hopeless at that sort of thing. I'm not sure why but I've come to accept that he is not able to deal with anything outside of work.
So, this time next year I'm hoping that I have a dining room set up, a functioning kitchen and bedrooms that echo when you enter.

PS-Happy Birthday to me!!!

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Rosemary said...

Happy birthday to you!

And congratulations on the major inventory accomplishment.

You have inspired me to finally post my stash to Ravelry, too. Having guests last week helped a lot--there is now clear floor space in the "studio" so I can at least maneuver and sort and photograph one bin at a time.