Sunday, June 03, 2007

I Never Win

Last night we had Family Fun Night with the baseball league. Younger plays in the Challenger Division and I am proud to say that we have the oldest Challenger Division in the country!
Family Fun night is our equivalent to a regular leagues All Star game. All the team members and families get together, have burgers and hot dogs and play a few innings of fun ball. After the kids get a chance to hit and run the bases, the parents get to do the same, only with a twist!
Instead of regular bats and balls the parents use tennis rackets or golf clubs and try to hit water balloons and such.
This year was a little different then past. We combined Family Fun with our game under the lights. And we ate and had the raffle before the game. Husband is the president of the Challenger league and bought alot of the raffle items. And he had taken Younger with him when he went to the store. Remember this!
The raffle was set up with the items displayed with a bag to put the raffle tickets in. That way you had a chance at something you wanted. I was off, out of harms way, listening to the goings on as the numbers were being picked for each item when I heard that Younger had won..... a beading kit!!
Oh boy, just what I want to deal with for the next 6 months, little beads and such everywhere. This was also one of the items she had asked Husband to buy and had used most of her tickets for!
Husband said later that he should have had her play the lottery for him as well.

I tell you this story because it reminded me about one of the few things I have won in a raffle. A few years ago, I had the privilege of driving my parents and their square dance group to another club’s dance in upstate New York. They also were holding this kind of raffle.
As I was the driver and space was limited, I was very willing NOT to take a chance on anything, until I spied 2 hand-made costumes. One was a ‘Dorothy’ costume, complete with the gingham pinafore and the other was a ‘Princess’ dress with the head-dress. My mom walked up about that point and I pointed them both out. The Boss was about 4 years old then and as it was our duty to spoil her we decided to take a chance to win one of them. I put my ticket in for the Princess and Mom put her ticket in for the Dorothy.
Lo and Behold! Mom’s ticket was pulled! She informed the crowd that “This was for her Great Granddaughter!” Here’s where it gets weird. As they were calling out the next number, I put down my knitting and stood up and started walking across the floor because I knew I was going to be the winner! And I was. I told them that this was for my Granddaughter and it was the same child as the previous winner. Our group gave us a standing ovation. I hung both of them off the rack in the back of the bus. Everytime I looked in my mirror I could see them swaying and I could only laugh!

The Boss wore the Princess outfit for Halloween that year.