Monday, March 07, 2011


I'm not called The Fibergoddess because I only have a little yarn and fiber. I freely admit I have A LOT of yarn and fiber. The last couple of years I've come to realize I don't have the time, motivation or brain power to work on large projects. So I have decided to work through my S.A.B.L.E. a little at a time by making smaller projects.
The last few months of 2010 I went on a scarf kick. I think I knocked out almost a dozen using at minimum of a skein a scarf. Some took more but most were 1 skein wonder's.
Last month I was hit with 2 babies arriving in the next couple of months. So I'm off the scarves and onto baby sweaters. I'm finding these fun and I'm using up more yarn.
Heck I even 'designed' a top down raglan that I'm cleaning up and put out on Ravelry. Who knows, if this continues I just might have to buy some yarn!
See!? This is not my design - it's Lucy's available at Mind's Eye Yarns website.

I haven't uploaded the pictures of mine yet. I was so motivated to make another sweater I took the pictures and cast on for another. This one is Lucy's but done with cotton.
And I'm swatching for another design I have in mind.
So do you think if I keep this up I can get my S.A.B.L.E. down to a stash?

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